June 22, 2020

5 Post-Purchase Emails To Send To First-Time Buyers

Your team just confirmed another new customer. That’s great news. But before you celebrate, think about the next step in the sales process. There are few things better than knowing you’ve just made a sale. Returning customers, though, are a great way to boost your company’s ROI.

To transform buyers into die-hard customers, it’s important to improve your post-purchase emails. It’s 10 times more expensive to get a new customer than it is to sell something to an existing customer. That’s why you need to send post-purchase emails to your first-time buyers. Post-purchase emails are your gateway to customer success.

Post-purchase email campaigns offer you a chance to get feedback from your customers about your products or checkout process. Let’s learn five strategies to ace post-purchase emails.

1) Thank you emails

After your customer has received their order, it’s a nice touch to send an email thanking them for their purchase. Thank you emails give customers a chance to review their order and learn about the next steps. Doing so shows your customer that there are people behind your brand who care about their experience.

If it is someone’s first purchase, in addition to thanking them you might also want to mention your loyalty or rewards program. Thank you emails don’t have to be complicated. Just basic order information and a link back to the website

2) Review request emails

It’s a good idea to check in with them to see how their experience is going after your customer has received their purchase. Only 68% of customers will leave a review if asked. By asking for an honest review, you’re able to identify any issues with your product or sales experience. It also helps prevent future customers from experiencing the same issues.

3) Product recommendation emails

One of the reasons existing customers are more profitable is because you have an idea of what your customer is interested in. You can use this information to draw insight into other products they might like. You can also recommend products that complement something they purchased.

4) Shipping emails

Keeping your customers updated about their order status is critical to customer success. It continues to build trust with them, and nurture your relationship with them.

They also use the email to remind the customer of how they can continue to track the progress of the order, ensuring they don’t become worried about the order being lost. Your customers want to know when their order ships and approximately when they’ll receive it. Use these emails to keep your customers happy and reduce the number of order inquiries you get.

5) Confirmation emails

The first email you should send a customer right after purchase is an order confirmation. Confirmation emails give your customers comfort in knowing their order was placed successfully. Your confirmation email template, you’ll want to make sure you include the following details:

  1. An order number
  2. Descriptions of what was purchased
  3. Billing summary
  4. When the order is expected to arrive

Wrap up

These five emails provide the basis of a great post-purchase series. Your store is unique and as such, you should modify your post-purchase campaign. With the right tools, you can put together an effective campaign for post-purchase emails.