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June 11, 2020
How to Increase Email Conversion Rate with Follow-up Series

Email marketing can be an effective and proven strategy to generate leads. Email engagement is higher in comparison to other forms of communication engagement and opens are just one piece of the puzzle. The question here is: will those who read your emails convert?

June 8, 2020
4 Email Automation Workflows to Use in 2020

Due to COVID-19 websites have replaced the physical storefront as the primary place for customers to shop. Building connections with your customers is very important and email marketing is the best way to do so. Sending the right messages at the right time is the most important factor in email marketing.

June 3, 2020
Importance of animated GIF in email

We constantly ask ourselves what makes an email great. As users receive plenty of emails daily what things should be added in our email to make it attractive. And for that GIF is the best option.

June 1, 2020
How to Build an Email Marketing Funnel For Conversions

Email marketing has proved to be the most reliable tactic to influence leads at every stage of the buyer’s journey. But you need to create a strategic plan on how to move leads into the next step with email marketing.

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